Asker Upper Secondary School

Asker Upper Secondary School is located at the centre of Asker municipality.

There are frequent bus and train connections in the immediate vicinity. The school was established in 1955 and prepares students for tertiary education. It offers upper secondary education programmes – both Sports and Physical Education and Specialization in General studies. The school also has a department for students with special needs.

You will have general university and college admissions certification when you successfully complete the 3 year programme. There are some degree courses, such as medicine, which require a particular combination of subjects. Admission to the college or university of your choice will depend on your results and the subjects you have chosen at upper secondary school.

Many students choose Asker Upper Secondary. We offer a wide range of subjects within the programme areas for natural science, mathematics, modern languages, social sciences, economics and sports and physical education. The students at Asker Upper Secondary are active and successful in many fields including academic results, sporting achievements and our annual revue. In 2014 there were 680 students and 100 members of staff.

If you are interested in attending a school that will help you explore and develop knowledge, opportunities and has an enjoyable environment then Asker Upper Secondary is the right choice!

You can read more about the subject areas we offer here:

Specialization in General Studies

This programme leads to university and college admissions certification both in Norway and abroad. At Asker Upper Secondary we take an active interest in internationalization. We have established an exchange programme with schools in Germany and Spain. Students who take in-depth modern languages in Vg3 take part in study tours to Paris or Berlin. We also offer an exciting subject called English for Science Students which is specially designed for those who wish to combine English and Natural Sciences. These students travel to London as part of a larger interdisciplinary project. We are also a Comenius school and this programme has provided us with talented language assistants from Belgium and Germany.

In Vg1 all students follow the same subjects though they choose between two levels of mathematics and either Spanish, German or French. In Vg2 and Vg3 students choose half of their subjects themselves. Two of the subjects must be within your programme area for sciences or languages, social sciences and economics. The third subject may be chosen from any area including physical education and sports.

Physical Education and Sports

This programme allows students to follow an active physical education and results in university and college admissions certification. The individual student is able to develop his or her particular sporting abilities whilst learning about sports in relation to a cultural framework, traditional Norwegian outdoor activities and of course matters relating to health and ethical questions. Students often take part in excursions where they learn to survive in a variety of conditions.

At our school we have well qualified teachers/trainers in football, handball, basketball, swimming and endurance sports. However, you are welcome to apply if you are active in other sports.

Students may also choose to study an extra science or mathematics subject in order to gain special university and college admissions certification.